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What Our Readers Are Saying

  • "We have loved partnering with you for the las couple issues. The magazine gets better each season. Thanks so much for all you have done for Persephone, and we will be in touch in the fall"

    - Ali, Persephone, Owner

  • “JHStyle—It is beautiful! The content is making me fall in love with the community—again and again!”

    - Fran VanHouten, Rainmaker Coaching, owner

  • “A huge congratulations on your first issue of JHStyle. It has the best articles and layout of any magazine we have seen so far. Love the look, love the feel.”

    - Kimberly Green, Svalinn, owner

  • “I can’t say enough about the professional team you have surrounded yourself with and I look forward to being a part of JHStyle now and in the future. Thank you again for the support your magazine has given to my business. It will not be forgotten.”

    - Nanette Mattei, Nanette Mattei Design, owner

  • “I greatly admire your Style Magazines. They are elegant, informative and a joy to read.”

    - Brigid, visitor from California

  • Congrats Jeff! The color on this cover was amazing and the design was clean while conveying a sense of all the possibilities; made the reader want to look inside for more. Well done and well deserved"

    - Chris, Carpet Cowboys, Owner

  • Every time I'm in Jackson I read the print copy of you magazine cover to cover. I own land south of Jackson in Alpine, WY and I find your publication to be a fantastic guide to the area"

    - Georgia, local land owner from Wisconsin

  • "The ad looks great - classic and professional. Thank you.

    - Lynn Sherwood, Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

  • Whoever came up with your front cover for this issue of JHStyle is brilliant! The owl is amazing. May we get a few more boxes delivered soon to the Teton Geo-Tourism Center"

    - Staffing Volunteer, Geo-Tourism Center, Driggs ID