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Dine in Style

Redefining a Jackson Steak House

When he was young, Paulie O’Connor’s dad told him there are two career paths that will always be in high demand: mortician—because everyone dies—and the food industry—because everyone eats. He chose food. Recently, O’Connor has taken over the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse that resides below the iconic bar. The restaurant has gone through many
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Highstyle Profile

Inspiring Students Through Art

When recounting some of his most memorable art students, retired Jackson Hole High School art teacher Greg Houda smiled and teared up a little as he bragged about some of his favorite students. One has a local tattoo studio with a year-long waiting list. Another former student just moved to the West Coast after
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A Passion for Place

Amy Lorenz was in the seventh grade when she first visited the rugged landscape of Jackson Hole during a Teton Science Schools field ecology program. She remembers the joy of hiking in the backcountry with her fellow campers and learning about the area’s flora and fauna. But for the Pennsylvania native, the program also
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Basecamp Adventures

Backcountry Zero

If you left the boundaries of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to go backcountry skiing last winter, chances are you encountered a backcountry zero intern equipped with questions. “Did you read the day’s avalanche reports?” “What’s in your pack?” “Are you heading to the backcountry with a group?” Started last year by the Teton County
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Teton Village

The Yurt Life

Winter camping is often associated with misery, frostbite, and hauling huge loads of gear to a frigid tent. Even those who camp in yurts often have to split wood, build fires, melt snow, cook meals, and scrub dishes. But, for those who want the overnight backcountry experience without the toil, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
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