A Wild Mountain Town

31 May 2018

Publisher's Note

Summer 2018

Written By: Jeff Bush | Images: Madison Webb

It seems like just yesterday when I stuffed my car with skis, a North Face backpack, and a Kenwood stereo system (all weighed down with a few milk crates of vinyl) and headed to the big city of Seattle to start a career in advertising.

I never made it past Salt Lake City on that venture. My journey and plans changed instantly when I made a follow-up call (from a pay phone) to see if I landed a job as the Vail Valley sales rep for a small ad agency. That one moment taught me early on not to try to embrace a perception of the norm, or what is expected of you, but to follow your instinct, your passion, your love. Mine was to ski and live in a mountain town. Today, following a wonderful path of twists and turns, I continue to live, work, and play in the mountains. I find myself embracing what makes Jackson so unique from all the other townships: it’s a wild place. From the wildness of the community and its denizens to the Western ways of tradition, Jackson is wild through and through. This issue celebrates that wild dream and vision so many of us share. Kristen and Kristal, our editor and art director, respectively, along with their team of writers and photographers, have put together another wonderful storybook for you to enjoy and share: “Jackson Hole—Still Wild.” Explore the wild sides of Jackson Hole—and yourself.
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