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Discovering the backcountry

When I first moved to the mountains from the Midwest 12 years ago — in my mid-20s with about three days on a ski hill under my belt, ever — I was enamored with resort culture. As many of us do in the beginning, I worked an intro-level job at the base of the mountain,
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What we can learn from the wild animals of the Tetons

Growing up in the woods of Maine with two biologist parents instilled a love of the outdoors and the creatures that live there in Aly Courtemanch, a wildlife biologist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Aly smiles nostalgically, recalling her initial resistance to becoming a biologist. “I thought biology was geeky!” she remembers. A
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In Jackson Hole, Craighead family has conducted groundbreaking wildlife research

In Jackson Hole, the Craighead name is synonymous with groundbreaking wildlife research. Today, the legacy is upheld by Derek Craighead — the founder, president, and senior scientist at Craighead Beringia South. Since its inception in 1998, the Kelly-based institute has conducted 40 research studies, 10 of which have been longterm field projects, and has collaborated
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