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5 out-of-the-box winter activities to try in Jackson Hole

When we’re surrounded by world-class athletes, it’s easy to think that pushing boundaries equates to some adrenaline-fueled feat of record-shattering daring. First descents of previously unskied mountain ridges, expeditions traversing swaths of untamed wild in soul-crushing blizzard conditions — these achievements snag headlines along with our imaginations. It’s true; they make for thrilling tales. But
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Jackson Hole teen skiing sensation overcomes injury to pursue dream opportunities in industry

Standing atop a first-place podium is something every mountain-town athlete dreams of. Being there on crutches — with a new knee injury — is not exactly part of that dream. However, this scenario was an influential part of local teen Cadel Carrigan’s story. At 16 years old, Cadel had just won the State Championship, competing
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Legendary Jackson Hole trailblazers

Whether it’s the inspiring peaks of the Tetons, the serene beauty of the landscape, or the community, Jackson Hole has long drawn the intrepid, the bold, the conquerors, the doers. Early settlers braved harsh, isolated winters. Ranchers forged ahead into a new frontier with tourism. Passionate visionaries built a skier’s dream. And now, Jackson Hole
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