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Changing the future today in Jackson Hole

Life in Jackson Hole has always been about drive, determination and grit. From the time when settlers first began laying down roots for year-round living, the adventure was only for the hardy — those willing to push through long, isolated winters and short growing seasons. These residents adapted to the challenges that came with harsh
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Ghost hunting in Jackson Hole

The year was 1915; Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park had been completed a decade before. A stubbornly lovestruck young woman had fallen in love with a servant in her wealthy family’s household. Undeterred by her family’s threats to cut her off financially, she married the man who was just as in love with
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Mountainstyle Living

The lawman of Jackson Hole

To the tune of jingling spurs, sunlight glints off a golden badge as a commanding figure steps into the frame; the dusty roustabouts in the saloon quiet down, the shifty horse thieves slink back into the shadows. Who — in the untamed fringes of the frontier — can bring such a sense of order? The
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