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A Snapshot in Time

When a group of 12 men, all realtors from New York City, walked into Jackson Hole’s Old Time Photos to get a group photo, they were not expecting a 4-foot-2-inch, blonde-haired, blue-eyed 8-year-old to be asking if they wanted to be good guys or bad guys, bank robbers or cowboys. “You’re a bank robber—you need
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Dine in Style

Old World, New Eats

At 20 years old, Tori Arzt was making her way through Italy, where she was studying painting, when she happened upon a tiny, hidden alpine village only accessible by cable car. The art school student noticed a change, not only in the mountain hamlet’s temperature and scenery compared to the valley below, but also in
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JHStyle Catalogue

Wonders of Western Art

The smell of paint often woke Maryvonne Leshe as a child. Her bedroom in Paris was near her grandfather’s studio. Leshe, now owner of Trailside Galleries and Partner in the Jackson Hole Art Auction, watched her grandfather, Alexander Astafieff, paint for hours, while she drew pictures with crayons and chatted with his painter and poet
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