An Energetic Calling

20 May 2024

Artist Lyndsay Rowan harnesses the power of nature in her artwork, guided readings and wedding ceremonies

Summer/Fall 2024

Written By: Jenn Rein | Images: Chris Figenshau

Meeting artist Lyndsay Rowan, a resident of Jackson for over 30 years, is a calming experience. Her relaxed demeanor is contagious, and her way with words brings warmth into the conversation with ease. Within the walls of her home art studio on East Pearl, a visual journey can be had that is both mysterious and gratifying. 

Lyndsay identifies as an artist who acts as an interpreter of nature. She hones her energy into the creation of work that is largely depicted through the use of bison skulls, resulting in art that reflects ancient symbolism. “Working on skulls is a process that is one of the oldest forms of divination. I work with them from an aesthetic place, but like everything I do, it’s also about ceremony, activating energies, and connecting with the natural world around us.”

She speaks of honoring the being that once occu- pied these remnants, which are ethically sourced from Montana. “Bison support manifestation and abundance. This is their key energy,” she explains.

When creating a piece of her art on commission, she sits down with the client to share intentions, and to discover what they might want infused into the work. This makes the end result even more per- sonal to the recipient and breathes new life into the remains.

The aesthetic talent that she brings to the table is amplified by her compilation of studies and experiences that embrace cultures from around the world. Her family’s own Celtic background feeds this knowledge, as does the Native American history that defines our Teton landscape. “I’ve studied many forms of shamanism, healing, energy work and artwork. All of these things compile together when I’m working. I always try to be in ceremony when I’m creating.”

A native of Massachusetts who was let to roam as a child on Five Islands, Maine, in the summers, she heralds her upbringing as being in harmony with the outdoors. Her path steered into the mainstream as a young adult who attended Princeton with a focus on the arts, but the healing power of nature continued to call. She tripped into the Teton region as a ski bum and took a variety of work to make ends meet. While doing so, she continually nurtured her fasci- nation with the mystical forces she feels are inherent to the earth.

Lyndsay has developed a talent for guided readings that harness the symbolism of earth totems. Earth medicine is similar to astrology but based on the cycles and rhythms of the earth instead of the stars. In this practice, she leans on the animals that occupy our world, and treats them as messengers who can act as our guides.

Lyndsay’s totem readings are conducted with the use of altar cards that she has designed, representing all 12 months of the year. These symbolize the elemental forces and qualities that connect with one’s birthdate. In this vein, one of her clients might find themselves defined by the energy of an otter or fal- con, among other animals. The wisdom imparted is meant to aid in personal growth, enabling the recip- ient to tap into knowledge that is otherwise hidden.

“The work I do, whether it is a totem reading, art or ceremonies, is ultimately about providing aspects of healing for the earth as well as us. Energy activation, even if it’s just as simple as providing awareness for people to tap into, offers messages and is grounded into what is happening on the earth,” she explains. Much of what she might achieve in a reading complements astrology, and the personalization of what can be found in those signs. Lyndsay’s readings can be a one-on-one experience or can be performed for larger groups.

She is also a wedding officiant who executes non-traditional ceremonies that typically take place outside. But she has also been called to grace a wedding with an opening blessing that proceeds the actual event, giving guests the opportunity to meditate collectively and to ground themselves in the experience. “I’ve often been complimented on how this guides the participants into being fully present and amplifies the meaning of the entire event,” she says. What she refers to as a “conscious ceremony” can also be performed to bless land or a home.

Lyndsay’s artwork is not just available through commission. Her work can be found at Shari Brownfield Fine Art and Elevated Living in Jackson, and at ArtShop in Moose, Wyoming. The interface of her skull canvases holds deep reverence, no matter how one might encounter them. But electing to engage the artist herself in order to make a piece more personal might be the ultimate gift for a space that is craving not just art, but a feeling of sacred energy.

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