Everything SNOW

12 Dec 2019

Publisher's Note

Winter 2019/2020

Written By: Jeff Bush | Images: Courtesy Josh Metten, Guide—EcoTour Adventures

If we’ve ever met on the slopes, or you’ve read my past winter Publisher’s Notes, you know I’m addicted to snow. Ever since my dad took me to Berchtesgaden, Germany, in 1971 for a family ski trip, I’ve been hooked. From living in Boulder and skiing the mountains of Colorado as a teenager, to making a home here in the Tetons, my life’s play and work has always been geared around snow.

However, when it came time to come up with a theme for this issue—a topic that would entice and engage our readership of locals, second homeowners, and visitors—I found myself at a loss. It was my youngest daughter, Sydney, who saved the day. “Snow! It should be about snow,” she said one night at the dinner table. And immediately, I knew she was right.

This issue of JHStyle Magazine—”Everything SNOW" showcases our winter wonderland and the snow-loving people who make our community great. From scientists who study how the warming climate affects the Tetons, to expert athletes and snowscape photographers, we’ll introduce standout personalities while exploring our responsibility to protect the winter landscape.

And, if you’re wondering why I chose this photo for the front cover—a great picture by Freya Fennwood—you only need to see the happiness in Morgan’s eyes. I’m sure it has something to do with snow.

Join her in exploring “Everything SNOW.”

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