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17 Feb 2021

New online art auction makes buying art easier, more accessible

Winter 2020/2021

Written By: Morgan McGlashon | Images: Courtesy Wyoming Art Auction

In order to make buying art easier and more accessible, the renowned Jackson Hole Art Auction launched the Wyoming Art Auction, an exclusively online event that hopes to reach a more diverse group of buyers thanks to its lower average price point. The new auction will take place virtually on Feb. 20, 2021 and feature unique Western, wildlife, sporting, and landscape art.

Due to the new online platform, the auction will be able to showcase a wide variety of pieces, including between 150 and 200 works of art that are less than $10,000 and many that are expected to sell for less than $1,000.

The Jackson Hole Art Auction, which took place virtually due to the pandemic, was incredibly successful. “With more than 1,000 bidders, it is clear that people are becoming more comfortable buying online” says auction director Madison Webb. “Furthermore, the decrease of international travel and spending has resulted in an increase of spending on art, making this year’s auction one of the most successful to date.”

At the 2021 Wyoming Art Auction, new collectors can find works that will help them build their dream collection, while established collectors will discover select pieces that will add value and enjoyment to their current investments. Highlighted pieces already selected for the auction include
“Snake River Overlook” by Conrad Schwiering ($10,000-15,000), “Fading Light” by Tom Browning ($15,000-25,000), and “Winner Takes All” by Luke
Frazier ($2,000-3,000).

For those interested in viewing pieces prior to the auction, the entire selection will hang at the Jackson Hole Art Auction’s gallery at 130 E. Broadway and be available to view in an online catalogue one month prior to the online event.

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