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07 Jun 2019

Celebrating Jackson Hole's Protected Lands

Summer 2019

Written By: Kristen Pope | Images: Megan Peterson

When people come to Jackson, whether to enjoy a vacation or build a life, they aren’t coming for the skyscrapers. People come here to see the area’s iconic natural beauty and immerse themselves in nature. Protected lands, both public and private, allow people to savor the natural world, whether by climbing a peak in Grand Teton National Park or driving past a conservation easement and appreciating the scenic viewscape.

In this issue of JHStyle, we celebrate protected lands and those who work to preserve them. Linda Merigliano has devoted her life and career to protecting the Bridger-Teton National Forest and working with the community to come up with solutions to issues. Lisa McGee, executive director of the Wyoming Outdoor Council, spends her days protecting land from threats like oil and gas development. Al Zuckerman volunteers with the wildlife brigade in Grand Teton National Park to keep people and and animals safe.

We also explore how people can get outside and enjoy these special places. At Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Via Ferrata guides like Giles LaJevic-Augustine help people overcome their fears to climb high in the mountains. Fishing guides like Boots Allen and Scott Smith teach people to perfect their techniques on the river, and outfitters like Peter Linn bring people deep into the wilderness. Programs like Teton Adaptive Sports provide opportunities for people of all abilities to enjoy nature and the benefits of getting outside.

Spending time in the natural world also inspires creativity. Artist Pamela Gibson shares how she is inspired by the way light dances across the landscape, and the Local Galleria in Driggs, Idaho, is packed with an array of artistic works influenced by nature.

Protected lands are what make Jackson Hole such a special place to live and play. We hope you get outside and enjoy them.

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