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08 Aug 2018

Gollihers Embrace Ranching Life

Summer 2018

Written By: Michelle DeLong | Images: David Bowers and Courtesy Chris Douglas

A horse whispering demonstration is about to begin at Diamond Cross Ranch. The crowd takes their seats in quaint chairs set out on the dirt floor of the Golliher family’s beautiful red barn. Even the youngest children fall quiet and watch in awe as a pretty young filly is released into the ring. She is too young to be ridden, and hasn’t spent much time around people, so she is naturally nervous.

Jane Golliher announces her husband, Grant, who is a horse whisperer and author. As Grant steps into the ring, his ease and mastery is immediately apparent. By 20 minutes into the demonstration, the filly seems at ease, too, and allows Grant to stroke her mane and tail and even lead her around the ring. Grant is known for using compassion and grace to transform wild horses into trusted partners, and by the looks of it, this filly is no exception.

Grant grew up in western Colorado where his family raised mules, but he always longed to work with horses. So, at the age of 19 he left for Wyoming, riding one mule and packing out another with all of his possessions. He worked on several ranches before ending up in Texas training polo horses and even playing professional polo for 15 years. While working in the polo arena, he particularly bonded with horses whose potential was underestimated by other trainers. “I saw a little foresight of my destiny,” Grant says.

Jane grew up training horses on her family’s working cattle ranch, which she and Grant still partially own and run today. Jane’s grandparents came from Switzerland in the early 1900s to homestead the ranch near Moran, Wyoming. Growing up on the Diamond Cross Ranch with her sisters, Jane learned to love the land and horses.

The couple met at church and married 20 years ago. That same year, they put on a private rodeo at the ranch and realized hosting events could help offset the cost of operating a cattle ranch.

“One of our main passions is to keep our agriculture and open space, the Diamond Cross Ranch, going for the next generation and the next generation after that,” Jane says.

Today, the ranch hosts corporate and private events with horse whispering demonstrations as well as weddings where horses roam behind the altar, naturally.

According to the Gollihers, many parallels can be made between relationships with horses and relationships with other people, like partners and children.

“We are devoted to helping people understand a better way to live,” Grant says. That better way just might start and end in the company of horses.

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