Mountain Muralist

26 Mar 2020

Badenhop Creates Engaging Larger-Than-Life Art

Winter 2019/2020

Written By: Monica Fedrigo | Images: Megan Peterson

If you have seen the red moose in Teton Village, you’re familiar with the bold art of local muralist and illustrator Haley Badenhop. Colorful pieces like the grandiose blue moose mural near the town square, the vibrantly painted piano at the Center for the Arts, and eye-catching murals at Bin 22, Orange Theory, and Solitude Station are all her work.

The red moose in particular is impossible to overlook. A collaboration between the Teton Village Association and Jackson Hole Public Art, the moose is a depiction and celebration of winter activities and recreation in Teton Village.

Badenhop says the primer used to cover the moose prior to painting was tinted pink, and that color scheme garnered many reactions. “A very large number of people stopped to comment,” she says. “It drew quite a bit of attention, and in the end I received so many positive comments with the finished project.”

Bold lines, unexpected detail, and intriguing shapes are hallmarks of Badenhop’s recent work. “I love typography, details, and anything freehand,” she says. “I enjoy using my art to showcase something, a theme, a place, or a business.”

Originally from Ohio, Badenhop lived in California and Aspen, Colorado, before deciding to call Jackson home. “Having the mountains in your backyard—you just can’t beat that,” she says. “Going outside helps me creatively rejuvenate.”

Badenhop painted her first murals in her Jackson home, beginning with a treasured view of the Moulton barn and the Tetons. She now has three
murals in her bedroom, two in the entryway to her home, and three more in her living room.

She further honed her skills when she assisted an artist from Australia with a mural at Google headquarters. As her work has gained local and national recognition, Badenhop finds herself frequently traveling to create murals across the country.

“I like to incorporate a lot of different aspects of a theme, to keep the viewer engaged for a longer time than a simple look,” she says. “That’s
the style I’ve been using lately, people come to me wanting that style, and I really enjoy it.”

One of her favorite things about being an artist is watching people react to her work.

“With projects in the past, I was sending a painting to a customer, or creating a mural in someone’s home,” Badenhop says. “That meant
I never got to know if they smiled when they saw it. I would do a project and never see it again. It’s been so fun to do murals where people
are walking past while I’m doing them, and see the finished product. Seeing the impact art has is really great.”

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