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01 Jun 2017

The Lab of Life

Summer 2017

Written By: Jeff Bush | Images: Madison Webb


I have to admit when Kristen Pope, our editor, suggested "The Science of JH" for our next JHStyle theme, I was more than a little hesitant. Bunsen burners, pipet bulbs and goggles conjured through my non-scientific mind. "Huh, how can that be exciting—not only for our readers, but for me?!"

Perfectly happy to let “smart ones” play in the lab, my initial non-enthusiast reaction to what you now hold in your hands could not have been more offbase. In fact, as I did my initial full read through, enjoying immensely the photography and writing craftsmanship of our team, the science took hold. The lab of life—the exploratory nature and gratification of discovery—the personal endeavors and passions, which ultimately combine to become an integral part of the community. Intrigued, I read on…local spider discovery, the art of stargazing, vertical harvesting, mars rover engineer turns ski designer, the science of the right fly, local ALS and Alzheimer’s research, Teqqa software helps doctors, the quietness of art, a healing dream…need I entice you further? So, whether you are the work-hard, play-hard outdoor enthusiast pounding the well-designed single track, or the coffee shop socializer enjoying the artistic flavors by a pastry chef, you are enjoying the product of science. This summer, JHStyle Magazine invites you to explore the science of life in Jackson and the Tetons. Enjoy.
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