6 summer activities that make Jackson Hole stand out

30 Nov 2022

Summer 2022

Written By: Kat Bush | Images: Courtesy

Take a Wildlife Tour with Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures

Millions of tourists flock to Jackson to see the dramatic scenery of Grand Teton National Park and the glorious geysers of Yellowstone National Park. For a tour through these protected lands that you won’t soon forget, book a day with EcoTour Adventures. Your naturalist guide will lead you through the sprawling land at the base of the Tetons to observe bison grazing, grizzly bears foraging for huckleberries, rutting moose or elk, and perhaps, a bald eagle soaring over the Snake River.

Soak the Day Away at Astoria Hot Springs Park

Be sure to make time to soak in the mineral-rich natural thermal water at Astoria Hot Springs Park, just 16 miles south of Jackson on the bank of the Snake River. The pools are surrounded by protected wetlands and forest, and the natural hot waters have long been used as a source of healing and connecting to the earth. The Astoria Park Conservancy, which manages the park, holds a deep commitment to honoring these long-held ethos and offers experiences that connect the community to the land — from morning meditation soaks to summer camps.

Walk the Sculpture Trail at the National Museum of Wildlife Art

The National Museum of Wildlife Art embodies the conservationist spirit and abundant wildlife of the valley. With a view overlooking the National Elk Refuge, the museum’s beloved Sculpture Trail features a walking path dotted with grandiose wildlife sculptures. The bronze pieces pay tribute to some of the area’s most noble inhabitants: a grizzly with a fish in its jaws, a herd of elk, two wolves locked in a stare down, and proud bison.

Learn About Local Raptors at the Teton Raptor Center

The Teton Raptor Center has been rehabilitating injured and sick birds for over two decades, while increasing public awareness of and respect for local avian predators. For visitors, the center offers public and private raptor encounters, “Winged Wednesdays” (an up-close encounter every Wednesday in the Teton Village Commons), and “Feathered Floats,” a ride down the Snake River in a vintage wooden drift boat followed by a 45-minute raptor encounter. This sanctuary has something for everyone — from the casual bird watcher to the most avid avian enthusiast.

Volunteer with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation is a champion of wildlife conservation and promotes environmental stewardship through volunteer opportunities. This summer you can volunteer for the Wildlife Friendlier Fencing Program, which works to remove and modify barbed-wire fencing that hinders migration, or help scientists collect data by noting where you spot wildlife.

Book a Fly-Fishing Trip on the Snake River

The Snake River, which is renowned for its cut-throat trout fishing, braids itself through the valley along the base of the Teton Range. It is a wonderful — and scenic — place to fly-fish, no matter if it’s your first time or you’re an old pro. Get all the gear and guidance you need from one of the myriad local outfitters, then keep an eye out for the wildlife that comes to the Snake to drink and hunt.
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