A Tangible Balance

21 May 2024

Teton Yoga Festival fosters connection between practitioners in a magical location

Summer/Fall 2024

Written By: Jenn Rein | Images: Courtesy Teton Yoga Festival

The wellness community in Teton Valley is growing, and one of the significant markers of this movement is the Teton Yoga Festival. For event founders Sea Marie Biladeau and Crystal Borup, coming together in the name of balance has been a gratifying exploration in energy. Now in its sophomore year, the festival is a strong representation of what can happen when two passionate individuals create a whole experience.


Sea Marie Biladeau is no stranger to Idaho. In fact, she is a native to the Gem State. Her curious nature took her to Colorado years ago, where she ultimately settled in the Aspen community. Her business partner Crystal Borup hails from the Columbia Gorge area of Washington State. With a deep background in business that features work with wineries and restaurants, Crystal also maintained a yoga studio for years.

These two like-minded women found themselves drawn to Teton Valley during the pandemic. Sea Marie had already purchased property in Tetonia that she regarded as a safe haven away from her home in Aspen, while Crystal was facing more flexibility in her life. The older children in her household had flown the coop. She and her husband were suddenly in an empty nest situation.

The global crisis encouraged Sea Marie to make her getaway in the valley a per- manent home base. As for Crystal, she sold her home and her yoga studio. “The pandemic provided some stillness, and we decided we were ready for change,” she says. “We were van traveling all over but had been to Teton Valley before. We could not help from keeping our eyes on this place.” A convergence of souls was about to occur between two yogis who share a belief in regular practice, and a devotion to community.


When these partners discuss their love of Teton Valley, it comes down to nurturing connections. “I think we had similar reasons regarding growing more of a wellness community. We both knew it could be done here, and knew that we could do it together,” says Sea Marie.

“Our partnership feels effortless,” adds Crystal. “The two of us work really well together, and that is part of our shared yoga background. Moving to Idaho for me was really healthy for my nervous system. To feel a deep sense of peace, but to also feel expansive in this valley is very different from the feel in Washington. I needed that sense of being grounded and connected.”

The partners both agree that hosting the Teton Yoga Festival on the Idaho side of the Tetons was a natural progression. Honoring local practitioners by offering a quality experience in the place they are both drawn to was a consideration as well. When the kismet started to present itself in making it all come together, Sea Marie states, “All of the opportunities were coming our way as far as pro- grams and location. It came so easily.”


Crystal’s intentions that came with moving to Idaho had her considering all aspects of how she could contribute to her new home. “Leaving my studio behind along with a really strong yoga community led me to question how I could show up in this new space. How could I serve?” Then she encountered Moose Creek Ranch and was immediately drawn to the idea of a retreat.

In 2023, Moose Creek Ranch had held off on booking summer events due to scheduled renovations. Fortunately, the work on the property was completed early. Once the ranch opened their books up to summer events again, the founders of the Teton Yoga Festival were ready to secure a venue. The timing was a perfect match. Discovering Moose Creek not only granted the retreat a chance at reality, it also leant to the magic of the gathering. “When you step onto that property, you get this immediate feeling of being grounded and at home,” Crystal explains. “It’s important for us to tap in energetically to the land. We need to ask permis- sion to be there and ask for support from the land. It’s important to us yogis, and this is integral for us in order to shape a good experience for presenters and participants.”


Attending the Teton Yoga Festival provides the gratification of experiencing the Moose Creek Ranch property, and of fostering connection with other participants. This has proven to be a large part of the festival’s success.

“We were so pleased with the feedback regarding staying on the property,” says Sea Marie. Crystal echoes this sentiment. “I literally left knowing that it was the most magical experience I have ever been to. The weather was perfect, the community aspect was huge, and we all walked away so satisfied.”