Words From the Editor: The Science of Jackson Hole

05 Jun 2017

Eclipse Watching and Beyond

Summer 2017

Written By: Kristen Pope | Images: Claudia Turner


Science is all around us in Jackson Hole. From the science of predicting when the frosty flakes will swirl in the winter to this summer's much anticipated astronomical phenomenon, the total solar eclipse, science leaves us captivated with awe.

With this issue of JHStyle, “The Science of Jackson Hole,” we delve into all realms of science-based endeavors and the people who spend their days learning more about this world. We start with the summer’s main event: the total solar eclipse on August 21. It’s not every day your town ends up in the “path of totality” for an event so spectacular that eclipse chasers from around the world will be flocking there to witness it firsthand. Then we dive into the scientists and science aficionados who make our community so special, from Frances Clark and her work with Nature Mapping Jackson Hole to Maggie Raboin’s spider studies. Jim Woodmencey keeps people safe and ready for the day ahead with his daily weather forecasts, and April Landale helps educate students at Teton Science Schools. Bryan Bedrosian works to study and protect local raptor species, and Dan Peterson spends his time fighting antibiotic resistance with his company, Teqqa. And Vertical Harvest provides jobs and produce via cutting-edge greenhouse technology. This issue covers these stories and many others and showcases why science is such an important part of life in Jackson as local researchers and scientists work to find solutions to problems like climate change and antibiotic resistance and give us a healthy dose of hope for the future.
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