5 unique flavors you’ll only find in Jackson Hole

30 Sep 2021

From Sloshies to Pig Candy, give these distinct local treats a try

Summer/Fall 2021

Written By: Lexey Wauters | Images: Courtesy

Our sense of taste can elicit memories, affect our moods, and trigger emotions. It’s no wonder we hold tight to family recipes and gather with friends over food — taste plays an important role in our history and feeling in the present moment. To create some new taste memories and trigger some absolute Jackson joy, we suggest you give these distinct local eats a try.

Most Elevated Jackson Treat: Top of the World Waffles

Soar over 3,000 feet above the valley floor to savor possibly the world’s highest … waffle! Custom made for you in Off-Piste Market at the top of the Bridger Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, these waffles are light, fluffy and crisp — and topped with the best stuff. My favorite is the elegantly simple butter and brown sugar, but you can also add toppings like peanut butter, bacon or Nutella. Grab your waffle to-go and stroll out to the deck for expansive views of the Snake River below and the Gros Ventre Range to the east. Indulgence with a view! Ride the Bridger Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort 

Wildest Jackson Treat: Elk and Buffalo Salami

Back down on the valley floor, a visit to Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. in the Smith’s Plaza will present you with an array of cured elk and buffalo products to pack along on your Teton adventures. Established in 1947, Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. sources their meat from free-range, grass-fed game and supply both cured products and packaged cuts of fresh meat. Bring along their elk salami on a hiking trip or pack it along with some crackers and cheese in your boat cooler. Not in Jackson this summer? You can have their products delivered nationwide. 1325 S. Hwy 89, Jackson, WY; (307) 733-4159; jhbuffalomeat.com for online orders

Best Hot-Day Treat: Huckleberry Shake

If your adventures bring you to the Idaho side of Teton Pass, be sure to stop by the Victor Emporium. Established in 1957, the Emporium supplies fly-fishing gear, irreverent T-shirts, and the regionally famous Huckle- berry Shake. Each year, the seasonal burst of wild huckleberries — a smaller and more vivid cousin of the blueberry — heralds the return of this lauded shake. And since huckleberries are not commercially farmed, every shake delivers a hand-picked, Teton-ripened flavor. 45 N. Main St. Victor, ID; (208) 787-2221

Best Adult-in-Kid’s-Clothing Treat: The Sloshie

If you’re looking for a more celebratory Jackson treat, look no further than the Sloshie. While the Sloshie’s history is unclear, its popularity is not — this boozy, grown-up version of the ubiquitous “Slushie” is the perfect complement to any summer afternoon that will not involve driving or operating heavy machinery. Several Jackson outlets serve these frozen drinks, but my favorite is found at Hoback Market. Their veritable buffet of flavors (usually around 10) includes Margarita, Greyhound, Fruity Rum Punch, and MudSlide (my usual choice). Hoback Market; 10880 US 89, Jackson, WY; (307) 739-1367

Most Addictive Jackson Treat: Pig Candy

This local favorite is somewhat of a celebrity. Café Genevieve’s Pig Candy, thick applewood-smoked bacon smothered in a blend of sugars and spices and slow baked, was featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” The crunch! The mouth-watering flavor! This is the sort of gift box you hide from your spouse. 135 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY; (307) 732-1910; genevievejh.com for online orders
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