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20 May 2024

Penny Lane boutique offers a fresh, affordable take on fashion

Summer/Fall 2024

Written By: Caleigh Smith | Images: David Bowers

In the heart of Jackson, where the mountains meet Glenwood Street, there’s a hidden gem shaking up the fashion scene. This isn’t your typical fancy mountain ski town boutique — it’s a place where flannel meets flair, and cowboy boots cozy up to chic dresses. Welcome to the go-to spot for women (and kiddos) who want to redefine their style without the fuss — or the typical price tag.

Andi Dornan, the owner of Penny Lane, has carefully curated her store with intentionally picked pieces that are anything but what you might ordinarily find elsewhere in Jackson, and her main focus over the years has been to create an inventory and atmosphere that welcomes all, both aesthetically and financially.

“I’ve always wanted to create a welcoming, approachable, affordable place for everyone that also actually carries on-trend, stylish pieces that everyone can wear,” Andi says, glancing around her colorful store from one rack of fun sweaters to her new line of children’s clothes: Mini Penny.

Penny Lane has had quite the tour-de-Jackson over the years, as some may remember its stints on both Scott Lane and, more recently, across the street on Glenwood. Andi has worked tirelessly to move closer and closer to Town Square, but this new location is where she now calls home and where she intends to stay. “It’s close enough that we get the foot traffic from people walking down Broadway from Town Square and hanging a left ... it’s just been a better opportunity here in this space so far.”

Andi also has the unique opportunity to feature local artists in a small extra room cordoned off by hazy glass doors in the back of the shop. She hopes to expand this feature to include makeup bars, florists and pop-up art shows, to name just a few future ideas. Andi says that other store owners around town help push her to be better, expand, and better harness her creativity. “They sharpen me. We sharpen each other, is what I would actually say,” she explains. “They’re helping push me to try new things.”

In her down-to-earth boutique, fashion isn’t about following rules; it’s about having fun and discovering the style that feels uniquely you. “I just want to have a really thoughtful and curated collection of clothes that’s fun,” Andi says. “I don’t want fashion pieces to be too serious for people. Either you like something or you don’t. It isn’t supposed to be the greatest decision in your life. It’s supposed to be fun!”

No fashion elitism here — just good vibes, great finds and a whole lot of style remixing in the Tetons.

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