Artisans Around Us

03 Dec 2017

Words from the Editor

Winter 2017/2018

Written By: Kristen Pope


What does it take to turn raw materials into something exceptional? This issue of JHStyle is dedicated to exploring the world of artisans and craftspeople who spend their days transforming, crafting, and creating.

We profile metal artist Ben Roth, whose work defies gravity. But working with challenging materials is nothing new for Roth, who used to be an ice sculptor. Laurie Thal and Daniel Altwies use glass as their medium of choice. Thal has worked with glass in the valley for 40 years. Her works vary from small hand-held bowls to exquisite architectural displays with dozens of individually crafted pieces intricately arranged to play with light, color, and space. Altwies sandblasts the pieces to create delicate designs and carefully carves out patterns in the glass. Tracie Spence finds her inspiration for her photographic craft in the natural world. She uses her camera as a tool and is best known for her magnificent images of wild mustangs. The Morales family are artisans of food. They meld together a variety of flavors to construct mouth-watering tamales from a time-tested and beloved recipe. Juan Morales has expanded the family’s flavor palate even further by creating his own line of Naughty Fruit snacks which transform raw fruit into delicious and nourishing dried delights. Jacob Urban is an artisan of the mountains, teaching people the skills they need to survive and thrive in the beautiful but unforgiving outdoors. He has also crafted search and rescue programs which aim to keep people safe and out of trouble when recreating in the Tetons. Bill Schreiber and Jessica Milligan work as artisans of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, focusing on long-term planning by designing lifts, buildings, and features across the mountain that keep people exploring and finding new ways to enjoy the slopes. Throughout these pages, you’ll find local craftspeople using mediums from wood and paper to pineapple and planning diagrams to exercise their crafts and transform inspiration into innovation. Read on to learn more about these denizens of Jackson.
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